Dockside Cafe & Oyster Bar


I give you my personal guarantee that you will love your experience! Thanks, see you soon.

About Us:
Hi, I’m Ernie Danjean and I am the owner operator of Dockside Café & Oyster Bar. I have been in the restaurant business in the Destin area going on 15 years starting with Café New Orleans a popular Po-boy shop . Since then, I have managed some of the best restaurants in the area; Poppy’s Seafood Factory, Destin Chop’s, Cuvee Beach, Crush & most recently Fishbar to name a few. My passion for food comes from my mother Ida. My love for business and life comes from my dad Ernie “Big Dan” Danjean . I grew up in my fathers Po-boy business and have carried on the tradition with my family, Dawn my wife for 16 years, Whitney my oldest daughter, my son Holden, Elle the youngest & granddaughter Brinkley the newest addition. My goal here at Dockside Café & Oyster Bar is to provide great food at a fare price in an awesome setting on the water with first class service. I invite you to come try us out. I give you my personal guaranty that you will love your experience! Thanks, see you soon.
Ernest J. Danjean, Owner of Dockside Cafe LLC.

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